Our Students’ views

In surveys conducted by the college in 2014 and 2015, it was found that the majority of our students were satisfied with the services we offered.

This is what they had to say:

- “Very helpful and wide range of topics to learn”
- “Most of the management team are very assistive when their help is needed, appreciate it.”
- “Very helpful and funny people”
- “Teachers are very good, learn a lot and are very supportive”
- “Good college”
- “Friendly and approachable”
- “The course is very interesting”

Testimonial from September 2012 intake Student

"Making friends with people and making friendships that will last in the future is the best thing about Nelson College. What helped me to achieve academically was the quality of teaching and the help and support I received in the form of marking practice essays, giving feedback and then remarking a new one! Studying a subject that I enjoy and meeting new people are the things I have liked best about Nelson College. The teachers at Nelson are very supportive and helpful, which helped me a lot. We are provided with plenty of resources at Nelson College too, we were given a wide range of learning support via VLE, which is brilliant, because it enables students to see past lessons notes and see notices that the teachers have put up. We could also contact the teachers through email, and the responses were fast and quick.

What helped me through the College was the customer service that was provided by the academic offices, which help students with assignments, and the admin offices, which helps us through many different ways, one way that they helped me was that they changed my timetable to fit around my needs. The subtle things are what make the big difference. My favourite thing about Nelson College has been meeting new people and being a part of the Student Representative Committee. This is where we could voice our views on how we want our college to be. To make it the best experience for us.

The best part of College is the ability to take part in such a range workshops. This is when teachers give us help to understand what it is we need to do with our external assignment work. We were also given the opportunities to go places such as Birmingham, to gain experience of the real world, and see how to work as a team.

With support from my teachers, support from the admin offices, support from the academic office, workshop, the style of teaching and the calm atmosphere, I was able to achieve my full potential at ˮ˷ which will help me in the future."

- Abdurrahman Khan