Newsletter June 2015

By Muhammod Abu Sayed

Ian Fleming has recently retired from the Board of Governance.

Dr. Shorful Islam will be joining the Board. He is a co-founder and a Managing Director at Stream Intelligence, a Data and Analytics consultancy, helping clients to solve business problems through the intelligent use of data and analytics. He has extensive knowledge in the area of data and analytics, having worked with many major brands, in helping them measure the effectiveness of their marketing activity and driving business change. Prior to founding Stream Intelligence, Dr. Shorful Islam was a Managing Partner, Data and Insights for Wunderman, a Head of Data at DDB & Tribal DDB, and a Head of Business Information and Customers Data Strategy at ITV. He has also worked across the NHS and Public Sector. Dr. Shorful Islam started his career as a lecturer after completing his PhD in Psychology, his dissertation focusing on predicting accidental injuries in children. He also has a B.Sc. in Psychology and a M.Sc. in Health Psychology.

NCL would like to give a warm welcome to Dr. Shorful Islam and wish Ian Fleming all the best with
his future plans.